!setup : What is Lita's tool?



Pencil (sketch / drawing):

Ink (ink art/manga pages):

Watercolor art:


  • Copic multi liner Black/Warm gray/Cool gray/Brown/Sepia (0.5/0.3/0.25)
  • MITSUBISHI uni Pin



  • Holbein resable 500R 0 / 2 / 4
  • Da Vinci Maestro 2 / 4 / 6
  • Da Vinci casaneo 0
  • Rafael
  • Namura PC Sable 00

Papers: Watercolor:

Papers: Watercolor sketches / Pencil or Pen drawing and etc.:
  • Albireo 151g/m2 Cold Press
  • marman vifArt 242g/m2
  • Holbein whiteibis 300g/m2
  • Arches Rough 300g/m2 18x26cm

Watercolor pencils / Colored Pencils:

  • Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Artists' Watercolour Pencils
  • Faber-Castell Gold Faber Aqua
  • Faber-Castell Polychromos
  • Faber-Castell Gold Faber


【Other tools】

📷 SONY Alpha 6000

Garmin vivosport

!history : How long have you draw in the life?

Lita's oldest memory of drawing was when she is 3 years old. First time to draw manga style art was 4~6 years old, first story manga was 10 years old.

!litatips : Any tips of drawing?

Lita is really really NOT good at TEACHING how to draw. She is uploading drawing/painting videos on YouTube, plz check and, ENJOY YOUR DRAWING💛

Drawing is not something to learn. It is something to be enjoyed.
― Tachibana Lita, 2021 (From the interview on Manga Passion)

!digital : Does Lita draw digital art?

Lita also draw digital arts too. Especially Lita uses digital tool for putting screentones/gray colors on manga pages and drawing emotes. (2022.06.05)

!commission : Commission?

Please check the commission information page.

!manga : Manga?

💛 Twitch Subs and Patrons can access to English version manga pages on Discord  & Patreon.
💛 Public official manga page
💛 ebooks

!anime : What manga/anime does Lita like?

Lita's favorite manga are "おじいぽんとわたし" and "4ひきのくま". Lita likes herown manga so much. Lita has not watched much of Japanese anime and read much of manga. Lita likes Simpsons, South Park and cray animations (Wallace and Gromit, Pingu and etc.).

How long does Lita take to draw 1 page of manga?

Depends on the page type (how many panels) and drawing situation (Streaming or drawing only). For example, 1-4 panels & streaming takes 1-2 hours, 1-4 panels & only drawing takes 1 hour. 5+ panels & streaming takes 2+ hours, 5+ panels & drawing only takes 2 hours.

When does Lita get up and go sleep?

Lita goes sleep around 8:00PM and wakes up 3-4:00AM everyday.

What is Lita's favorite food/drink?

Milk, Honey, Sashimi (made by fish shop Maruyoshi), Sushi, 白飯 Rice, Miso soup (Toufu, Seaweed, Egg), Ramen (横浜家系 Yokohama-ie-kei, Tonkotsu), Onigiri (Umeboshi, Tarako, Shake), かつおぶし Katsuobushi, 目玉焼き Sunny side up egg with soy souse, だし巻き卵 Dashi maki tamago, Natto (with tuna, avocado), Udon (関西風だし Kansai dashi), Pasta (ペペロンチーノ Aglio e Olio, Tarako, Meat souse), ハンバーグ Salisbury steak, Beef steak, かつおの塩辛 Shiokara, Mexican hamburger, Salsa verde, Oaxaca cheese, あんこ Anko (Sweet red bean paste), 羊羹 Red bean jelly, Green tea (茎茶 Kukicha), Earl gray tea...........

!lang : What language does Lita speak/learn?

Lita is studying English(main), Spanish(main), German and Greek letters(not words) with Duolingo (You can get 1 week free plus mode from this link!), YouTube and etc. Lita speak Japanese(Native), Litanglish, Baby-language, little English and little Spanish. And, Lita is learning greeting messages in about 30 languages!

The reason why Lita is studying Spanish is because Lita is going to meet Nyacchii-san's mom again in the autumn of 2022. When I stayed at Nyacchii-san's house in 2018 I did not understand any Spanish. Nyacchii-san is Mexican and speaks Spanish ,English and Japanese, but Nyacchii-san's mom only speaks Spanish. It was very frustrating not being able to talk with her. I would like to talk with Nyacchii-san's mom a lot!!!!!!!! (2022.06.05)

When is Lita's birthday? / What is 426t?

Lita's birthday is April.26th. "lita426t" is "lita"+"4/26 (April.26th)"+"t (Tachibana)".

What synesthesia does Lita have?

Lita has some type of synesthesia. Text + color/vision, vision + sense of smell/taste, sounds + sense of touch and etc.

How to learn Japanese?

One Spanish lesson on Duolingo when I wake up in the morning, working while listening to Spanish songs, taking a walk or bath while listening to Spanish podcasts, watching Mexican TV dramas in Spanish while resting my arms, and practicing Spanish stories or reading aloud on Duolingo in bed before sleep.

In the morning, I mainly study English, so in the afternoon after the stream, I prioritize Spanish and sometimes German Duolingo lessons or YouTube videos for study time. Sometimes I find myself absorbed in it until dinner time.

I'm not very good at languages, native Japanese or otherwise, so learning is very slow. So I just have to keep working at it and keep going.

Spanish is not very popular in Japan. So, finding a way to learn it was very difficult at first. I didn't have any Japanese friends who were studying Spanish, so I had no one to ask questions to.

I'm currently focusing on Duolingo, but there are no courses for studying Spanish in Japanese. Fortunately, however, there is a lot of contents for studying Spanish in English. So I'm studying Spanish in English as much as I can on YouTube and whatever else I can find.

Often people ask me how to learn Japanese. But I don't know how I learned Japanese because I was born in Japan as a Japanese and grew up in Japanese. I tried several Japanese study apps, but I couldn't decide if they were good or not. It's obvious, isn't it? I believe that the level of difficulty of the language you want to learn will vary depending on your native language. It is better to ask it to non-Japanese native (your native language speakers as much as possible) who is learning Japanese.

In the meantime, why don't you try anything you can find on YouTube or touch apps (most language learning apps are basically have free trial)? If you have time to ask how to learn Japanese, maybe you can learn one hiragana or two. You see, I'm studying English even as I type this, ¡jajaja! Thank you for your interest in Japanese. Good luck!!!

!song:What name is the current song?

Please type !song in twitch channel chat in live. Lita is using this spotify playlist.

!time : What time is it now for Lita?

JST (UTC+9) Please type !time in twitch channel chat in live.

!schedule : Is there twitch stream schedule?

Lita streams 1~4 days a week and takes 3 days off. It's very randomly for now so keep in touch w/ Discord for news! (May.9.2023)

JST[UTC+9:00] 6-7:00AM~ 

  • Mon. Stream
  • Tue. OFF
  • Wed. Stream
  • Thu. OFF
  • Fri. OFF
  • Sat. Stream
  • Sun. Stream

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