!setup : What is Lita's tool?

✍🏻 【Digi】Photoshop CC, a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet (L size), Razer Tartarus pro, iPad pro 11inch

✍🏻 【Tradi】Ink: Copic multi liner
Color: Watercolor (Holbein, DanielSmith & W&N), Copic markers
Papers: marman vifArt 242g/m2, Holbein whiteibis 300g/m2, Kent paper and etc.
Brush: Holbein

📷 SONY Alpha 6k

⌚Garmin vivosport

!history : How long have you draw in the life?

Lita's oldest memory of drawing was when she is 3 years old. First time to draw manga style art was 4~6 years old, first story manga was 10 years old.

!litatips : Any tips of drawing?

Lita is really really NOT good at TEACHING how to draw. She is uploading drawing/painting videos on YouTube, plz check and, ENJOY YOUR DRAWING💛

!digital : Does Lita draw digital art?

Lita also draw digital arts too. But now she is focusing on traditional art only. Because she is having problem of her eyes due to medicine side effect. She can't draw digital art over 30 mins now. After finish taking medicine, digital art stream will be back!

!commission : Commission?

Please check the commission information page.

!manga : Manga?

💛 Twitch Subs and Patrons can access to English version manga pages on Discord  & Patreon.
💛 Public official manga page
💛 ebooks

!anime : What manga/anime does Lita like?

Lita has not watched much of Japanese anime and read much of manga. Lita likes Simpsons, South Park and cray animations (Wallace and Gromit, Pingu and etc.).

How long does Lita take to draw 1 page of manga?

Depends on the page type (how many panels) and drawing situation (Streaming or drawing only). For example, 1-4 panels & streaming takes 1-2 hours, 1-4 panels & only drawing takes 1 hour. 5+ panels & streaming takes 2+ hours, 5+ panels & drawing only takes 2 hours.

!lang : What language does Lita speak/learn?

Lita is studying English(main), Spanish(main), German, Russian and Arabic letters(not words). Lita speak Japanese(Native), Litanglish, Baby-language, little English and little Spanish(lerning).

!song:What name is the current song?

Please type !song in twitch channel chat in live. Lita is using this spotify playlist.

!time : What time is it now for Lita?

JST (UTC+9) Please type !time in twitch channel chat in live.

!schedule : Is there twitch stream schedule?

Lita mostly streams 4 days a week and takes 3 days break but keep in touch w/ Discord for news!

橘りた 💫 Tachibana Lita
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