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*2020.05.08 Updated

Please check my status
on time on Discord server! Thanks!

I don't take traditional commissions now
because I can't ship physical arts
due to covid-19.

1. Rules
- I can : Your or my original characters / Character design(+50%) / Your character of online game / Fan art / Kiss or Hugs / Nekomimi / Animal / My drawing style portrait / Transparent background
- I can't : Complicated background / Violent / Grotesque / R-18 / Mecha / Realism / Realistic portrait / No twitch stream

- Extra things : Complex things (Wears, Armors and etc.) / Simple background things / Weapons / Animals / Foods, Flowers and etc. (+10USD-50%)
Shipping original physical art (+50USD : with trucking code / Shikishi +10USD) / Deadline : When you need to set the deadline, I request an extra fee. Depends on how many days. (MAX+100%)

- I might finish drawing within about 2 month. (2020.05.08)

- DO NOT RUSH ME. It takes long time to reply to your email. I want to use that time for drawing the commissions, thank you.

- Please pay me after I accept your commission and I send the invoice from my paypal account. I start drawing after I receive your payment. First I send to you the draft and I start drawing to finishing after I get your ok.
- I autograph my name on the illustration.
- I post WIP on socials, Patreon and etc. / live streaming at twitch, drawing video on Youtube.
- Rights : For personal use only. If you want to use a illustration for commercial use, please email me first. You are free to print out the picture, your personal use as long as you credit me. On my side, I upload a part of picture or small picture on my online galleries and SNSs, use it for my portfolio, and PSD and full size JPG on Patreon for only patrons. I will always add your name as the owner of the picture.
- Credit : When you use commission arts/emotes on socials, please credit & link me. twitter:@lita426t / twitch:@lita426t / instagram:@lita426t in your profile, each your video panels.
- Sending files : JPG or PNG(Transparent) file. I send to you download url on Dropbox. I delete Dropbox file in 1 month after I send to you.

2. Payment
Paypal USD only. I send the invoice to your paypal account from my paypal account. I can't refund after I got the payment.

3. Prices
- Head shot
  • Digital : Full Color 100USD (2480x2480px 300dpi / JPG)
  • Digital : Ink Black&White 100USD (2480x2480px 300dpi / JPG)
  • Traditional : Watercolor 100USD (B5 182x257mm)
  • Traditional : Watercolor Shikishi 100USD (120×135mm Special paper)
  • Traditional : Watercolor Shikishi 60USD (120×135mm Special paper simple coloring)

- Half body
  • Digital : Full Color 120USD (Extra character +60USD max3 / 2480x3496px / JPG) 
  • Digital : Ink Black&White 120USD (Extra character +60USD max3 / 2480x3496px / JPG) 
  • Traditional : Watercolor 180USD (Extra character +80USD max3 / B5 182x257mm)

- Full body
2480 x 3496px / JPG / A4 300dpi printable
  • Digital : Full Color 160USD (Extra character +80USD max3 / 2480x3496px / JPG) 
  • Digital : Ink Black&White 160USD (Extra character +80USD max3 / 2480x3496px / JPG) 
  • Traditional : Watercolor 220USD (Extra character +80USD max3 / B5 182x257mm)

Chibi Full Body
1748 x 2480px / JPG / A5 300dpi printable
  • Digital : Full Color 80USD

- Emotes for twitch / discord

112px x 112px, 56px x 56px, 28px x 28px + list image / PNG
  • 1 emote 15USD

* This price list is NOT for business (commercial use).

4. How to order
Contact :
Please set the title of Email "Commission" and USE FOLLOWING TEMPLATE :
  1. Commission type
  2. Your web name (twitch ID) (Patreon name*tax free)
  3. Your paypal Email address
  4. Reference image & text : PLEASE PLAIN and SHORT TEXT!!! Expression, mood, personality, position, pictures, illustrations what you want me to draw.

Thank you!!!

橘りた 💫 Tachibana Lita

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