Commission art for link-san

Commission art for ryn-chan

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Lorna and Pan / Mabinogi Requested by Mob Cap-san

Commission art for TechnoGoose-san

Tali Zorah / Mass Effect Requested by Ovander-san

Jellyfish witch - #WitchSeries1 No.06

Bai Winchester / Closers Requested by Zephyr-san

Luner witch - #WitchSeries1 No.05

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Mami Tomoe / Madoka Magica Requested by Jonathan Cortada-san

Sea witch - #WitchSeries1 No.04

Nerdy witch - #WitchSeries1 No.03

Hsien-Ko / Darkstalkers Requested by Jojoka-san

Tea witch - #WitchSeries1 No.02

Witch apprentice - #WitchSeries1 No.01

Inktober2018 Day31 : Slice