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Several years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with depression. Since then, I have been taking medication for developmental disorders and antidepressants.

At the beginning of the treatment with antidepressants, I was in a very bad state and could not do anything at all.

I couldn't draw for many months. Or so I thought, but in fact it was only a month. That seemed like a very long time to me, and if you look at me now, you can see what a long time it was that I couldn't paint for a month XD

At the same time, it became very difficult for me to do anything by myself. I was never good at going out, but now I can't do it alone at all. Even with my husband, I could only go to the nearest convenience store once a month.

I tried various methods, but I could not go out regularly.


Then COVID came. I became more and more afraid to go outside.

But at the same time, when I went out to the hospital, which I had to visit regularly, my body became more and more stressed. I felt my physical strength waning and became anxious.

IRL stream

That's when I saw someone who was streaming IRL, and I thought, it looks like I'm having fun walking with everyone! I thought. Then, on a whim, let's go to the park in the morning and press the deliver button. What will happen?

It turned out to be a very, very pleasant walk for me!

Changing many things of my life

I haven't done it 10 times yet, but little by little it has changed my life.

I used to hate taking a bath, so much so that there were weeks when I didn't take a bath, but now I take a bath every day or two and wash my head twice a week. I used to hate taking care of my skin, but now I wash my face every day and put on lotion. I started to wash my face and put on lotion every day. I also started to set detailed goals for my walks, which made me feel more confident.

IRL stream steps

  1. I went out by myself and came back by myself.
  2. Went shopping at a convenience store by myself.
  3. To walk 10,000 steps. Sometimes I can't reach them, but in the beginning I had a lot of muscle pain. Now I don't get muscle aches anymore.
  4. Bought paper at an art supply store.
  5. Got on the bus by myself.
  6. Completed procedures at the police station alone.

By completing each goal one by one, I feel that I am gaining confidence little by little.

My next goal is to

  • Take the train one stop by myself.
  • To go to the shop and ask something good to the staff.
  • To go to karaoke shop.
  • To take the train to Shibuya to go to Ikea.
  • To take the train to Shinjuku to go to the biggest art material shop.

And the final big goal is

  • To ride the Shinkansen (a kind of bullet train) or airplane by myself and stay overnight somewhere!

And, I hope you enjoy my IRL stream, e-baby adventures in the future, too!


Tachibana Lita

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