I was very nervous this week because I got a result of medical checkup at the hospital. Finally, I knew I'm AS and ADD (one of ADHD/PDD). AS is "Asperger Syndrome", ADD is "attention deficit disorder", ADHD is "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder", PDD is "pervasive developmental disorders". My depression is due to it.

My IQ is normal. Some IQ category are very high score but, one of IQ category is very low score, lol. I'm good at recognizing figure of things with my eyes, and I have very good speed processing. I'm very poor at multitasking. After that, I will do training program.

These days, in Japan, we can often see words of AS, ADHD, PDD on the web. I'm surprised I am so! I have many problems for usually life. My husband often say "I don't know what you say!". I don't like go out from my room because it is too noisy for me to out of house. I can not go out without my husband. And etc. I have synesthesia (words with colors). It comes from PDD, I guess.

I'm happy to know I'm AS/ADD. I can know my self and, I can take measures against my problems.

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