Little by little...

I started drawing a little by little. I got permission for drawing from my doctor. All of checkup was done. I went to a hospital to have last checkup yesterday. I can get a result of it on Oct. 7th. And I guess, then, I can know which type of PDD I am.

I'm so sorry for the late completing commissions. I'm concerned with it very much. I stopped drawing my every month's manga work, too. I also want to restart to draw it. I can draw about 2-3 hours per a day and, I have 3-4 days I can't draw anything per a week, now.

Thank you for many messages about my depression. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to them, but I read all of them. All of messages cheer me up! Thank you so much.

New Tumblr
I'll delete old Tumblr and created new Tumblr, please follow me!

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