Diary the first half of March

I finished 2 of this month works!
I could survive the first half of March...

Too hard, tight schedule. My whole body aches. My vision is blurry.
It was hard for me to keep my mind.
Iced tea with a lot of sugar saved me.

 With my favorite glass and mug <3

 After work, today! I went out from my room after a long interval.
Jack Daniel with soda. My husband is always Iced coffee (He is bad at alcohol)

Final episode of "Life with Ojipon".
During drawing it, sometime I feel sad a little.
I can not meet Ojipon from next month.. ;_;

I will take some rest.
I want to go to new store
"Frying Tiger Copenhagen" at Kichijoji Opend on 20th.
I can't wait!

And... I want to drink Starbucks coffee's new drink
"Almond milk latte".

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
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