Eorzea cafe!

We (My husband and I) went to Eorzea cafe with our FC members!

I reserved on the web. 2 hours from 11:30AM. 4 people.

First, we checked at the entrance counter before 11:30.
We got a Job coaster we choose each there.
I got Paladin coaster, my husband got Bird one.

FFXIV core staff's autographs.

Titan pizza.

Garuda Egi drink. Some color changed. Very beautiful!


Leviathan noodle. The most favorite food in Eorzea cafe menu <3

Bird coffee.

Paladin cafe au lait.

We got some coasters of the primals.
1 food with 1 coaster, random.

We couldn't get Siva and Titan one ;_;


There are 3 PC and 1 PS4.
But we had only 2 hours.
Eat, talk and enjoy display decorations...not enough time!

It was the first time we have met with FC member.
We enjoyed and talked very very much.
We came home at midnight :D

* * * *
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