GOAT MMO SIMULATORaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

I played “Tank”, “Hunter and “Microwave” a little last night. That update was 3:00AM in Japan!!!! I was very sleepy but I couldn’t wait the morning, I waited up. It’s very very “MMO SIMULATOR”! This is just how I expected it. I love it. I’ll enjoy another jobs tonight. BAAA!!!

I took a rest 2 days after I finished this month manga work. I’m getting better little by little!

My NAVEL was sore very much to the touch and when I sit in the chair. And I couldn’t sit in the chair because of its pain… I was surprised. I went to my doctor and he said it’s “omphalitis”. I never heard the name @_@ I took an antibiotic. That pain went away little by little. It’s strange experience!

I expect I can work usually next week ;-)

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