I was born and grew up in the city where was said that very big earthquake will hit there within 20~50 years. So, we were taught by school teachers what should I do when an earthquake hits. An earthquake drill was very strict.

When The Great East Japan Earthquake (we call it’s “311”) hit, I lived in Tokyo. I felt very very big shaky. It was the biggest and longest shake I felt ever.

It came at the afternoon. But the previous day was the deadline, I didn’t sleep @_@ Finally I could sleep! in the bed, the earthquake came. In just a sec, I didn’t think and say anything, I opened the window. My husband was surprised very very much. Opening the window is important for keeping an evacuation route. I could do it by very strict earthquake drill, I think.

Japanese seismic intensity is Japanese scale. It’s different from international one. (it’s not Magnitude) Following list is how I feel.
  • 1~2 = I don’t feel sometime. If I walk or on the train, I can’t feel it definitely!
  • 3 = I feel. Wake up. If I walk or on the train, I can’t feel it sometime
  • 4 = I feel wherever I stand what ever I do and I will open the window, I guess.
  • 5 = I felt at The Great East Japan Earthquake. Power poles shook very much. I couldn’t walk well. But all of things in my house didn’t fall :O
  • 6 = I have never felt!!! I don’t know what I do. Sometime hit in Japan…
  • 7 = The Great East Japan Earthquake

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