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If you watch everyday my live stream, I think it is better to become my subscriber at twitch!
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Rewards list

Patron at Patreon
  • Comic pages (first in the world)
  • Complete art works
  • All sketches and wip images
  • Note (sbout my creating / personal life)
  • Photos (my real life photos)
  • All full version drawing videos also all live streaming archives (no sounds) 
  • Monthly art book (PDF / physical)
  • Comic books (PDF / physical)
  • Discount code at tictail
  • Commission priority
  • Original layered PSD
  • Scan JPG
  • +EXTRA :
  • Postcards / Prints / Thank you card

and more!

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Subscriber at Twitch
  • Special emotes
  • No ads
  • You can access live streaming archives (old stream archives are deleted by twitch)

Sorry there is a few rewards at twitch. I will add new rewards for my subscribers!

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I'm so happy if you support me at both of them, but
from my personal reason to be honest,
I'm more happy you support me at Patreon than Twitch, now.

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I'm so happy if you support me!!!
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