Feb. 2015 manga works and the commission

3 manga I drew was (will be) published this month :)

"Life with Ojipon"
on monthly 4koma manga magazine Manga Club Mar. 2015 issue
(Feb. 2nd 2015 out)

"Keikai girl Ichigo-chan"
on monthly 4koma manga magazine Manga Home Mar. 2015 issue
(Feb. 4th 2015 out)

"Dinner Momo-san"
on monthly 4koma manga magazine Shunin ga yuku! SP Mar. 2015 issue
(Feb. 21st 2015 out)

Now I'm drawing next month's 2 works.
February has only 28 days... so my schedule is so tight ;_;
Deadline is 14th and 25th.

And I have to finish drawing the commission!
I wannna open again the commission in Feb.
But... it will be only head shot (゚-゚;)

I'm thinking to add "breast shot".

Coloring <3

* * * *
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